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Our mission

Better decisions, quicker

Lithium was created to help organizations accelerate digital transformation. Using contemporary technology our suite of services enables enterprise to build AI applications at scale, more efficiently and cost effectively than other approaches. 

Our product suite supports the value chain in any industry with prebuilt, configurable, high value artificial intelligence applications that can meet a myriad of use cases, such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, supply network optimization, customer engagement or others.

The future is unsolved

We solve the unsolvable. 


We are always on the forefront of technology, to stay competitive we must adapt before every one esle. 


Respect, courtest, and unwavering ethics are core to who we are as an organization. 


We hold intelligence in the highest regard and believe that collaboration can foster novel solutions.


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Meet Our CEO


Andrea Ridi

Andrea Ridi


Entrepreneur, with strong managerial skills and a clear vision of the future of Artificial Intelligence and the value of data. A strong believer in the “giving back” philosophy, bringing Italian innovation and technological excellence to the USA.


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Lithium AI.

Speed of execution, focus on easily accessible Data Scientist-specific capabilities foster implementation of business decisions or outcomes.