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Lithium is Enterprise Artificial Intelligence.


Rapidly deployable business intelligence tools.


Welcome to Lithium AI

Lithium brings together data unification, AI model creation, and AI application deployment under one roof. 

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Normalize your data. 

Integrate, federate, and unify all disparate enterprise and external data into datasets that can be easily deployed to out-of-the-box or ad hoc machine learning models. 


Build AI models.

Lithium Studio uses a unique drag-and-drop architecture to accelerate delivery and reduce the complexities of developing enterprise AI applications.


Deploy BI and AI applications.

Tap into the multiple pre-build AI applications that are native to Lithium, or have your data scientists or our trusted partners build custom ones for you.

Quick feasibility testing 

Low Code Business Intelligence AI Prototyping Tools

Decisions need to be made quickly, effectively and with confidence. Lithium Studio gives you the building blocks to create adaptive and predictive models that will help inform and optimize your decision making process. 



Lithium delivers results 60% faster than traditional AI application development methods.



Lithium is faster than traditional methods and requires 70% fewer data scientists, handing most of the work to software developers. 


Lithium Studio is a drag and drop process design kit that gets data scientists and developers quickly working on tangible value add activities versus low level tasks.


On average only 20% of AI projects go into production, usually due to timeframe and resource mismatch. Lithium mitigates this risk with our micro servcice based APIs.

Proven results in weeks, not years.

From two hour executive briefing to AI application deployment in three to six months. 


Pan Indusry Applications

Solving the unsolvable for the worl’s most important industries.

Financial Services

Impove operational efficiecy, increase customer engagement, identify and mitigate risk. 

Oil, Gas & Utilities

Improve asset health, uptime, optimize processes, increase customer engagement.


Transform shopper experience and supply chain capabilities.

Aerospace & Defense

Increase operational readiness and reduce equiptment downtime. 


Increase manufacturing throughput, supply chain efficiencies, and services revenue. 


Improve diagnostics, treatment, outcomes, and patient expereince. 

Transportation & Logistics

Improve and optimize fleet management, and customer service

Lithium Clients

"Do not waste time on lengthy tool investigations — pick what enables immediate actions because the AI market is in a disruptive evolution."

– Gartner

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Lithium AI.

Speed of execution, focus on easily accessible Data Scientist-specific capabilities foster implementation of business decisions or outcomes.